Our Clients

New England Discovery Partners (NEDP) was formed in 2012 to help meet the growing demand for highly skilled synthetic organic and medicinal chemists who understand the necessary steps required to successfully identify and develop new clinical compounds. Staffed with experienced pharmaceutical scientists who have managed drug discovery programs from early lead identification to clinical development, NEDP provides a wide range of drug discovery services to academic investigators and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Pharmaceutical Companies

NEDP provides large pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to add high-level expertise while reducing fixed costs and complexity. Additional resources are provided on an as-needed basis for selected projects with specific objectives. Typical examples include lead optimization, synthesis of key intermediates, preparation of a specific targets, reference standards or metabolites, method development and medium to large scale synthesis.

Biotech Companies

NEDP partners with biotechnology companies working on new innovative drug discovery targets to identify early lead compounds and optimize them into clinical candidates. In addition to general synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, if needed, NEDP can function as a full-service chemistry department that includes compound handling (registration, storage and sample preparation), data management, report preparation and participation in corporate meetings.

Academic Institutions

NEDP partners with academic investigators to translate early stage drug discovery targets into high value drug discovery programs with proprietary compounds, supporting pharmacokinetic data and the preclinical in vivo proof-of-concept studies necessary for partnering with the pharmaceutical industry.