Making the molecules that matter

Modern organic synthesis is the ever-evolving science of building complex molecules. Specific objectives for synthetic methods vary depending on the application. Cost, scale, ease of purification and target flexibility are often considerations. Scientists at New England Discovery Partners have extensive experience working on diverse projects, each with their own synthetic challenges.

From rapidly optimizing chemical templates in drug discovery programs to asymmetric synthesis, heterocyclic compounds, natural products, amino acids, parallel synthesis and process development, we have the capabilities and experience to tackle the most difficult chemistry challenges. Specific areas of expertise include:

Asymmetric synthesis • Parallel synthesis • Process development • Carbohydrates •
Heterocycles • Natural product synthesis • Amino acids • Fluorophores •
Structure identification and characterization • Phospholipids • Peptides •
Metabolite synthesis (Phase I and II) • Boronic acids • Glucuronides • Arachinoids •
Biotinalyated products • Stable isotopically labeled compounds (2H, 13C, 15N)

Regarding the synthesis of glucuronides, we anticipate that we’ll have additional need for this type compound in the future and we will be in contact when that need arises.

We’re fully equipped for optimal productivity

Instrumentation and Computing

We’ve made major investments in capital equipment, software and commercial databases to ensure all of our employees are as productive as they can be.

Our state-of-the-art research facility includes synthetic / medicinal chemistry laboratory space equipped with 24 chemistry fume hoods and overhead ventilation for bench-top purification and combinatorial chemistry equipment. It also includes extensive office, conference room and chemical storage space. It is well-equipped with the late-model instrumentation needed to run almost any reaction and purify and characterize any product. In addition to the laboratory space, NEDP utilizes modern reaction databases, electronic notebooks and sub-structure searchable systems for managing chemical inventory, compound registration and biological data.

A partial equipment list includes: Advion Expression-S mass spectrometer with Agilent 1260 HPLC (LC/MS); Waters Acquity UPLC System; Shimadzu HPLC (preparative/analytical) equipped with UV and ELSD; Agilent 1260 and 1100 HPLCs (degasser, QuatPump, AutoSampler, DAD detector); Gilson 215 Liquid Handler (preparative/analytical HPLC) equipped with UV and ELSD detectors; Biotage Isolera medium pressure liquid chromatography systems; large research scale chromatography (10.6 L column, with pump 500 mL / min); Varian PrepStar preparative HPLC; Chiral Technologies analytical HPLC columns; Parker Balston N2-2010 Nitrogen generator; Parr hydrogenator; Buchi rotary evaporators with KNF pumps and digital regulators (1/chemist); SP Scientific VirTis Bench Top 6K Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer); Hi-vacuum pumps; IKA Hot plate-stirrers with digital temperature probes (3-5/hood); explosion proof refrigerator / freezers; Laboratory Ovens; Labconco Flask Scrubber; Hashizaki ice machine. NEDP has 24/7 access to the Yale Chemical and Biophysical Instrument Center which is exceptionally well-equipped with a suite of NMR spectrophotometers (400, 500, 600, 800 MHz), FT Infrared and UV-Visible Spectrometers.

A list of major software applications includes: SciFinder Chemical Database (structure-searchable reaction and supplier database), Accelrys Discovery Studio Visualizer, eNovalys Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Biovia CisPro Chemical inventory management system (sub-structure searchable); Collaborative Drug Discovery (cloud-based bioinformatics software package that includes compound registration, biological assay data with mining tools, structure-activity tables and project management applications), Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and ChemDraw.

NEDP Selected Discoveries

Take a closer look at the case histories highlighting some of our most exciting discoveries.

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