Passionate about chemistry

Founded in 2012, New England Discovery Partners is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for highly skilled synthetic organic and medicinal chemists. Staffed with a diverse team of experienced industry professionals, we strive to provide unsurpassed client service each and every day.


The NEDP Team has earned a reputation as a trusted partner. Their experience, dedication, communication and commitment to excellence make them ideally suited for discovery-stage research programs.

Working with NEDP

NEDP provides high-value chemistry services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic, nonprofit and government institutions. Whether it’s the synthesis of a complex natural product, high-speed lead optimization, process development or scale-up, NEDP works diligently to ensure the best possible chemistry team is assembled based on the specific program objectives.


Scientists at NEDP take great pride in their work. They are active members of the chemistry community, publishing their work in leading journals whenever possible.


NEDP in the news.

We are very pleased with our collaboration with New England Discovery Partners. They have demonstrated an ability to solve difficult chemical problems and deliver material on time. Communication is also excellent.

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