Our clients

NEDP works with diverse clients, delivering the custom chemistry solutions needed to achieve their specific research objectives.

Pharmaceutical Companies

NEDP provides large pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to add high-level expertise while reducing fixed costs and complexity. Additional resources are provided on an as-needed basis for selected projects with specific objectives. Typical examples include lead optimization, synthesis of key intermediates, preparation of a specific targets, reference standards or metabolites, method development and medium to large scale synthesis.

Biotechnology Companies

NEDP partners with early-stage pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies working on new innovative drug discovery targets to optimize early lead compounds into clinical candidates. If needed, NEDP can function as a full-service chemistry department that includes compound handling (registration, storage and sample preparation), data management, preparation of patent applications, corporate reporting, etc.

Academic Investigators and Nonprofit Research Institutions

NEDP partners with academic investigators and nonprofit research institutions to translate early stage drug discovery targets into high value research programs with proprietary compounds, supporting pharmacokinetic data and the preclinical in vivo proof-of-concept (POC) studies necessary for partnering with the pharmaceutical industry. When applicable, NEDP can also partner with research investigators to develop early-stage research programs through Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants.

Funding models

A variety of funding models are available to accommodate client needs and objectives. These include: full time employee (FTE), fixed price and time and materials.


Our facilities are secured with state-of-the-art PremiSys IDenticard system that is monitored by both the local fire and police departments. We use electronic laboratory notebooks to ensure accurate real-time record-keeping. All of our computers are backed up with a Dell Edge network server to ensure no data is lost.


All research laboratories and offices are conveniently located in Branford, CT, just off I-95. Our state-of-the-art facility with chemistry laboratory fume hoods (24) each equipped with house nitrogen, argon, and vacum. We have extensive cabinetry, bench space, storage rooms, and conference rooms. All major equipment, servers, refrigerators and freezers are connected to uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) systems and / or backup generators. We now also feature separate vivarium services to aid in drug discovery research.

Partnering organizations

To expand our services, we keep good company beyond our comprehensive in-house capabilities. We can add the experience and expertise of one or more of our partner companies, each with a long track record of success in its respective industry.

Genesis Drug Discovery and Development (GD3) is a fully integrated CRO providing services to support drug discovery programs of our clients from target discovery through IND filing and managing Phase I-III clinical trials. GD3 portfolio includes services for HTS and assay development, synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry DMPK/in-vivo pharmacology and safety toxicology as well clinical trial services for the regulatory approval of novel drug and medical device products. GD3 harbors eight sister companies within the US including Comparative Biosciences, Invivotek, Integrated Analytical Solutions, New England Discovery Partners, NexusPharma, PharmOptima, Statking and Venenum

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